2-10 players - Normally 1 pack (52) 

In the basic game of Hearts there is no exchange of cards before play begins and the only penalty cards are the 13 hearts, counting one each against their takers. Each deal is a complete game and is immediately settled in chips, counters or coins. The basic method is for each player to pay one unit to the pool for each heart he has taken, the whole pool being taken by the player who takes none, or shared between them in the event of a tie. If every player takes one or more hearts or if one has taken all thirteen, the pool is designated a “Jack” and is carried forward. The Jack pool can only be taken on a subsequent deal when one player takes no hearts and all his opponents take some, and is increased by 13 units for each deal when this fails to happen.

A variation of Hearts, known as Howell’s Settlement, makes the following refinement. For each heart he has captured, each player pays in one unit for each player in the game apart from himself, and then draws out again one unit for each heart he captured less than thirteen.

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